Data Conversion Center

We help in converting data from an unstructured format into an electronic structured data. This helps in structuring and converting data to coherent and meaningful information. We are among the market leaders in aggregating data from traditional sources like paper, file and physical based formats into digital formats.

Some of our processes under Data Conversion Services are:

  • Image Processing Services
  • PDF Conversion Services
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • XML Conversion Services
Data Processing Services

Managing huge volumes of data is time consuming as it is cost and resource intensive. IMTS technical resources can capture data from all kinds of input formats, thus reduce the inconsistency in data. We have a top performing team which does data extraction from unstructured content to build spreadsheets and databases, and effect substantial cost savings.

Some of our Data Processing Services are:

  • Data Duplication Services
  • Data Cleansing Services
  • Data Mining Services
  • Market Research Services
  • Survey Processing Services
Data Scanning Services

IMTS provides document scanning and data entry services, which saves companies costs and time of maintaining paper documents, and provides easy and quick access to digitized documents real time. This is done using high speed scanners combined with OCR’s along with manual data entry with our stringent process controls and quality checks.

Some of our processes under Document Scanning Services are:

  • Document Digitizing Services
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services
  • OCR Clean-up Services
  • Indexing Services
Revenue Check Stub

Instead of manual entry from the check stub, the oil and gas transaction details are downloaded using internet. This model helps in electronic delivery of data and can be imported easily into any software tool used for accounting or can be downloaded into tools such as Petro-XML Data or similar formats or as simple as Excel output.

IMTS currently handles Hundreds of Receivers, Thousands of Senders, and delivers Millions of Lines of data per month

The Advantages of Revenue Check Stub are:

  • Any errors are eliminated even before data is imported
  • No Room for error while entering data manually
  • Huge time saving as no data entry needed
Joint Interest Billing

It is very important that the JIB process is performed on a regular month-to-month basis for smooth processing of invoices and integrations of accounting data. Our services help operators to easily generate JIB statements and various types of financial reports. The service enables easy entry of revenue and expenses as well as generating reports or printing at the click of a button.

IMTS currently handles Many Receivers, Hundreds of Senders, and delivers Hundreds of Thousands of Lines of data per month

The benefits of JIB are:

  • Generating Hassle free Reports of any kind and type.
  • Error free financial accounting Management
  • Saves times and cost in managing business transactions
  • Real time access to all data from all areas of business
Field Ticket Indexing

This enables Suppliers as well as Operators to integrate field ticket data with tools they use. Since there is a large volume of transaction between supplier and operator, reducing time spent and having error free processes provides insight into activities. Field Ticket Indexing can eliminate Errors in Invoice Coding and supplier price issues.

IMTS currently handles Many Receivers, Thousands of Vendors, and Delivers Thousands of Field Tickets per month

The key merits of Field Ticket Indexing are:

  • Cost savings in the manual entry field of ticketing data and Supplier Reporting
  • Time savings in invoice processing thus reducing overhead
  • Better business relationship between all parties specifically the Operator, and Suppliers
Invoice Indexing

Invoice Indexing helps minimize errors, improves on time delivery and real time access and processing of invoices. We have the ability to electronically capture, organize, index, store, secure, access and transfer electronic documents on your system. This process helps in accessing invoices using the invoice number, invoice date, and/or purchase order number. The result is smooth business process and better ROI.

IMTS currently handles Many Receivers, Thousands of Senders, and delivers Tens of Thousands of Invoices per month

The rewards you receive when indexing invoices are:

  • Eliminate Errors in invoice processing and payments
  • Improve Cash Flow and better forecasting
  • Smoother Annual financial reporting and other audit activities
  • Strong Business Relationship with vendors
Invoice POD


Matching the Invoices to POD’s. To speed up the order to cash process we help to match the invoices with the POD’s. This results in reduced costs and  speeds up the processing.


Login to the relevant web portal
Look for unmatched invoices
Check the customer name, date , time, and product in POD with that of the invoice
If the POD matches then update the invoice information [BOL#, Invoice# , PO#]Check for duplicates [Invoices] and delete them.

Release the Matched Invoices

Alarm Management System

Alarm Management Services (AMS) is an alarm triage and management compliance reporting service run by our team of certified technicians.
We eliminate manual processes and continuously monitor the safety and proper functioning of storage tanks using a centralized systematic methodology.
We help customers to create an environment in which problems are accurately identified in a timely manner. This strategic approach mitigates risk and reduces overall maintenance costs

The 7-11 alarm management team in India started operations in Sep 2006
The operation was in vogue till December 2012 – Six plus years
Started handling the US night shifts (14 hours) and complete weekend schedule (24 hours)
India team works in the US day shifts on their holidays.
The team works on all Indian holidays too.
All members of the team have undergone training for VeederRoot Level 1 certification