Our Approach

For any website to be effective, it needs to be developed on the right foundation. Foundation is laid by the right Architecture, Technology, User Engagement, essential set of Feature & Functionalities and needs to be Social Networking Enabled. No website is complete by few pages of published information. The platform is useful only if it helps reaches out to the right Target Customers and creates right interests and engagements. Therefore the platform needs to get vetted for a scalable technology based on future requirements, online marketing enabled for Social Media Marketing, and secured for data access and online transactions.

Our website solutions are Customised, Responsive, CMS based and SEO Enabled. We specialize in Open Source CMS technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or custom develop in PHP, MVC Framework like CodeIgniter, Laravel etc. No solution is complete unless optimized and enhanced from time to time as regards performance. We provide all kinds of Technology, Operational, Hosting & Maintenance support so that your site stays as your most profitable investment.

Our Benefits

  • Responsive design which makes for easy viewing in mobiles and tablets
  • Offers Programmable Data Extraction, Bulk upload and Integration with Google Analytics, Google Floodlight etc.
  • Web 2.0 SEO enablement, which on integration with well-crafted content can help you gain increased discoverability.
  • Hosting and maintenance services
  • Experienced personnel in the technological support division. Dedicated 24/7 Managed server support and instant downtime support.
  • A team of Business Intelligence folks, Marketing geeks, Design experts and Content gurus, all synced to provide a life-like e-commerce experience.