Everyone has reasons to get an indelible imprint on their body for the rest of their lives. Tattoos have often been associated with rebellious or reckless behaviour observed in individuals who presumably get inked after a drunken revelry. But tattoos chosen after careful deliberation are meant to signify some aspect of an individual’s personality. Sometimes it’s just a silent message for the curious onlookers who would want to judge someone by their appearance.

The user interface of a website projects a symbolic image quite akin to a personal statement attributed to a piece of tattooed art on an individual. According to a research, the human brain processes a visual image within 1/10th of a second as 70 percent of the sensory receptors are supposedly found in the eyes. This explains why info-graphics play a major role in determining the user behaviour even before a person has started skimming through the content.

Here’s our collection of the best tech tattoos that you might want to consider while developing your website.

The Parallax Scrolling Effect

The linearity factor while going through a website provides context and continuity to the web content. Animated scrolling affords a user the luxury of skipping content that is irrelevant to their search. Websites have been incorporating the technique of scrolling to sync the UI with touch-screen devices like smartphones and tablets. Scrolling has found many variants in its horizontal, infinite and column based versions with the Parallax scrolling effect taking the centre stage in 2014. The microsite by electronics giant Sony ,websites by automaker Lexus and video- gaming experts Nintendo are some perfect examples of the elegant use of the Parallax effect that accentuates the effect of storytelling by combining data and visuals.

Using the Micro-UX Effects

With various hovering effects and thumbnail view options Micro-UX effects are an ideal choice for the e-commerce websites. A simple vertical or slide out menu along with easily accessible checkboxes made in CSS3 make up for a relatively better user experience. The pace and flow of an interface are quite crucial to keep the customers hooked on to your site for longer durations.

Motion blur text scrolling is another playful micro-ux effect that enhances the user experience. The blurring of text on the webpage every time a user scrolls up and down works well with a dark background and minimal features. Collapsible menus are another feature that has a great feel about it as the user experiences a smooth transition from one menu item to another with a click and a slide.

Going for a rather flat UI

Heavy graphical interfaces with 3D textures and dropping shadows have made way for minimalistic and simple designs of late. A flat interface design serves the dual purpose of being user friendly while giving a sophisticated look to the website. A flat user interface consumes less memory and makes a website load faster. The designing technique used for a flat GUI helps the designers to work using a streamlined and simple designing platform. It gives easier resizing options for a web page window without affecting the overall alignment of the webpage, which is difficult to achieve in heavier designs.

Designing a Mobile UI

The infiltration of multiple smartphone and tablet brands in the market has made handheld devices for browsing internet a relatively common sight. Although this trend has popularized the use of mobile internet, it has sent the web designers on a recon to find solutions that would enable a perfect rendering of the websites across different browsers and devices.

A responsive site design has evolved as a solution for design compatibility issues across different platforms on various mobile devices. A responsive design enables a website to automatically resize and fit into the screen it is viewed on keeping all the key elements on the page intact. This design involves the choice of two or three pixel ranges by the designer to create a layout or design for different devices. The largest pixel range is used for a standard desktop followed by a middle range meant for tablets and the smallest range for smartphones.

Finding an emotional connect using infographics & beautiful typography

A well designed infographic has the ability to draw the required attention even if it contains some average content. Even though the novelty of the infographic will grab attention in the initial phase, bad content can make you lose credibility when it comes to delivering the message in a clear and concise manner. The compelling content in an infographic will not only improve the organic search ranking for a webpage but will also help generate curiosity by engaging the viewer on many levels. It will make them laugh, cry or simply stop and think to break into a conversation that will eventually improve the outreach of the idea that will be shared and linked to create brand awareness.

Typography plays a big role in creating a responsive web design as artistic typography can make a website stand out even if it is short on visuals.

The list ofcourse doesn’t end here, but ofcourse you now have got the necessary impetus and direction to developing your very own Tech Tattoo for your website.